• Celebrating 3 years

    Celebrating 3 years
    It has taken me a while but there is no better time than on Personalised Cookie’s third Birthday to introduce myself.  Hi! My name is Nikki and I create personalised cookies for all events and occasions. Not cakes or cupcakes (though I do get lots of requests), just cookies. I am known to be a Jack of all trades but as they say… Jack...
  • Difference between Watercolour and Marble Cookies

    Difference between Watercolour and Marble Cookies
    When it comes to choosing what type of icing design you would like, you want something that will really give the wow factor but still fit your style. We have many designs here at Personalised Cookies, but the main options are solid (just one plain solid colour), marble or watercolour. But what is the difference? MarbleMarble is just how it sounds – a edible...
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