Difference between Watercolour and Marble Cookies

When it comes to choosing what type of icing design you would like, you want something that will really give the wow factor but still fit your style.

We have many designs here at Personalised Cookies, but the main options are solid (just one plain solid colour), marble or watercolour. But what is the difference?

Marble is just how it sounds – a edible gel colour (we love Americolor) that is dabbed into the white fondant icing then kneaded and rolled out flat. This gives a marble effect (like a marble bench top for example). When you marble a colour you will have varied patterns and no two shapes will be the same and less white space. We recommend only using one colour when marbling as the more you knead your fondant the more the colours will mix after several roll outs and the colours will blend for an undesired effect.

Watercolour is great for those who love an artistic, subtle effect. Think of it like a watercolour painting. The base of the icing is white, your message is embossed into the fondant and then edible gel colour is mixed with a solution and then painted onto top (generally top and bottom of your cookie). It gently spreads beautifully over your cookie to give a watercolour effect. Colours are endless but two to three colours look great. This design allows for more white space in the middle of your cookie for maximum text impact.

Both styles give a wonderful finish to your cookie but at the end of the day, it’s your personal style that will work best! If you’re not sure which design why not try both?

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