Celebrating 3 years

It has taken me a while but there is no better time than on Personalised Cookie’s third Birthday to introduce myself.  Hi! My name is Nikki and I create personalised cookies for all events and occasions. Not cakes or cupcakes (though I do get lots of requests), just cookies. I am known to be a Jack of all trades but as they say… Jack of all trades, master of none! So I aim to do one thing and one thing only … but do it well!

On a personal level, I am married to a beautiful man and have two gorgeous boys. Life isn’t without its challengers though. My husband is a FIFO – challenge number one and my eldest Jack who is four has special needs and requires regular intensive therapy  – challenge number two. Throw into the mix a new baby in 2021 and that’s one big cookie full of fudge, sprinkles, choc chips.. you name it, it’s in there! It’s hectic – I could almost call it a circus as I’m an A-CLASS juggler lol.

How did my little empire start? I have always been a creative person who enjoyed baking. I studied graphic design and have had a career as a graphic designer, media manager and marketing manager whilst baking on the side as a hobby.

I started focussing more on cookies when Jack was born in 2017/2018. I was still working as a Marketing Manager for a travel agency so having baking on the side was the perfect timeout. Friends were referring friends and I thought it would be a good time to build myself a website and almost instantly the orders started flowing in. I found myself a local commercial kitchen to hire and got the sign off from the council to grow my little business. Juggling Jack, work, FIFO wife and cookies took more skill than baking itself!

Lots has happened between 2018 – 2021 and Personalised Cookies has expanded so much it enabled me to take it full time and invest in building our very own commercial kitchen. It’s my happy space. Pink walls, my branding in pink neon lights and that feeling of “I built this from scratch and it’s all mine”.

It not only fuels my creative drive, but allows the flexibility of helping Jack reach his full potential with increased therapy. Words can’t express my thanks to not only my family, friends and clients that order cookies for their celebrations, but the big corporations that return to give their branding the WOW factor with cookies! You are why I am here and forever grateful.

Now I have turned my hobby into my career and excited about what the future holds! Happy third Birthday my little business! Keep an eye out for my next post with photos of me in my commercial kitchen (cause let’s be honest… I should have some photos of me doing work and not just a full face of makeup lol)

Love Nikki

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